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Rosalie Gale is a waterproof Shower Art maker, ex-stand-up comedian and blogger who is currently obsessed with German board games, Bikram yoga and free-motion embroidery. She developed and maintains Unanimous Craft - a directory of resources for Indie Business (She's trying to organize the crafty community - HELP HER!) along with EtsySaver. In her free time, she opened a retail shop in the historic Pike Place Market called Ugly Baby and La Ru.

Rosalie and her husband Doug build Drupal websites for small businesses and crafty folk under the name Galestrom Web Development (like Maelstrom but with a G and spelled wrong). If you need a website and don't have a huge budget - get in touch.

Rosalie is also an expert on crafty technical speak. If you want her to speak at your craft-themed conference, some potential topics include:

  • Website Basics
  • Drupal Basics
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email Newsletters/Email Marketing
  • One on One Technical Sessions
  • Craft Business Tools
  • Productivity
  • Project Planning